At the heart of   lsace, the hearty Alsace

BL999 - From the banks of the river Ill to the Bruche Canal

  • Achenheim, canal de la Bruche - C.Fleith

32,4 km

129 m


An unexpected, yet very pleasant circuit centred on the waterways of the River Ill and the Bruche Canal. The outlying villages of the second circle around the Eurometropolis are home to charming half-timbered houses and panoramic views of the Vosges Mountains and the Black Forest. Leave place de l’Etoile, heading towards Heyritz park. Take the cycle track to the left along the RhôneRhine canal for 4.5 km. Follow the signs to Illkirch-Graffenstaden and then Illkirch-centre. At route de Lyon, the track swings right. Cross the little island to quai Olida and continue following the signs to Illkirch-Centre. Points of interest on the way include the domaine de l’Ile and the Musée du Chocolat (Chocolate Museum). Follow the signs to Geispolsheim Gare and then Geispolsheim-Village. When you arrive in Geispolsheim-Village, go down rue de la Porte-Basse and at the 3rd roundabout, take the 1st exit to rue d’Entzheim and continue, following the signs to Entzheim. When you reach Entzheim, follow the signs to Holtzheim, continue to the roundabout and take the 2nd exit. You’ll see the airport. When you arrive at the Foyer Saint-Laurent (on your right) in Holtzheim, continue to the roundabout and take the 2nd exit. Continue for 700 m and then turn right into rue des Platanes. The track will take you through fields for 2.5 km. When you reach the Canal de la Bruche, turn right and ride along it for 7.5 km to arrive back in Strasbourg. Go through the Heyritz park and back to place de l’Etoile.