At the heart of   lsace, the hearty Alsace


The Region of Molsheim-Mutzig is a great green land. To fully enjoy the fresh air, why not discover the hidden secrets of flora and fauna at one of the eco-friendly activities of the Nature House Piemont-Bruche or during a canoe ride on the Bruche.


The canoe-kayak club organizes tours on the Bruche river

Fishing in the Bruche river

Upstream of Gresswiller, it is possible to fish for trout in the Bruche.

Hiking with your horse

Ride tours with your horse is easy by following some informations on the website l'Alsace à cheval. You can find a BnB in Oberhaslach: le gîte du Neufeld.

Maison de la Nature

Maison de la Nature Bruche Piémont is an association of nature and environmental education located in Oberhaslach.